Our Solution


Our Cloud-Based Platform Leverages the Mobile Phone as Both Tool and Reward… to Engage and Incentivize Your Population… to Accelerate Better Health.


Focus communications and incentives for specific populations using multiple grouping strata.


Leverage mobile communications using text messaging to engage your population.


Our proprietary incentive model applies financial credits to individual wireless accounts when participants take healthy actions.


The performance dashboard summarizes key system and performance metrics.


Configuration, setup and use are easy – quick and low-cost implementation allows everyone to achieve more. Population data are easily transferred to and from the platform for integration with other applications.


Data security is our highest priority. The solution is HIPAA-complaint and our security protocols ensure the highest level of safety for your data.

Our Services

Incentivate Health offers bi-directional member text messaging and a complementary member reward program. Services are accessed via a web portal and designed for health care organizations seeking to better engage and empower populations and change patterns of health behavior.

Health Plans / Self-Insured Employers

Organizations that assume direct financial risk for the healthcare costs of a population will benefit from the improved member connection to their most challenging populations and can define groups for which incentives are a worthwhile tool. These groups know that 20 to 30 percent of healthcare expenditures are wasteful and seek tools and strategies to attack the waste.

Medicaid Managed Care Plans

The Medicaid population has a higher incidence of chronic diseases than those commercially insured and health-related behaviors are more notably affected by social determinants. Medicaid managed care plans have significant potential to benefit from improvements in member health-related behaviors and the resulting change in health service utilization patterns that will result from better engagement and encouragement of healthy actions via incentives.

Accountable Care Organizations

With responsibility for quality and cost of care for a defined population, and with payment dependent on performance, ACOs need tools appropriate for the task. The text messaging and incentive platform offers new and valuable capabilities for the increased responsibilities that these provider groups have assumed.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Poor medication adherence drives an estimated $100-$300 billion in unnecessary healthcare expenditures annually. Pharmaceutical companies interested in changing patient behavior can use the platform for medication reminders with the added benefit of having an integrated and easy to administer (nationwide) patient incentive.

News & Events


January 2024

Incentivate Health launches Wide Lens Health platform an innovative service that leverages wearable technology and Generative AI to promote recovery, health, and wellbeing.


March 2017

Population Health Innovation Summit

Larry Toole, Co-Founder of Incentivate Health, will present during the StartUp Showcase portion of the event's program. Learn more and register for the event here:

Who We Are

We aim to ACCELERATE improvements in population health. The path? Empower people to take small steps toward better health. Communicate with people where they are: on mobile phones. Nudge people with incentives.

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Larry Toole


Lead: Technology
Information technology professional skilled in software development, systems integration and strategic IT planning.

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Patty HasBrouck


Lead: Health Care
An analytical problem-solver experienced in hospital management and health care consulting.

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Robert Legrande


Lead: Wireless Networks
An entrepreneurial engineer, developer and leader in wireless networking applications.